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Teacher Training Poster.  Danya flying through the air in SuperHero pose with one arm forward.  Text Reads: SuperHero Circus Academy, Acro and Social Justice Teacher Training.  A foundation for Diversity and Inclusion.

Teacher Training

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Sacramento, California

What a week of intense transformation! I am a more conscious and aware citizen of the planet after this training. I am a more inclusive AcroYoga teacher, and I have learned how to actually attract greater diversity into our very homogenized community. 


Sacramento, California

Within 2 weeks after returning home from the class, I confidently taught 4 classes, hosted 2 jams and was featured on a local news broadcast. My biggest fear about teaching acro was spotting and I do mean WAS!


Sacramento, California

I'm so grateful to have been a part of this training. I am so motivated and excited to implement everything I have learned within my community! The discussions we had as a part of the social justice training bonded or group in a much deeper way than any other acro experience I have every had. I know I made Yogi friends for life! Danya was present and supportive of each person in the group, and all our priorities were meet.  ☺️


Chicago, Ohio

I would definitely recommend this training to anyone bringing acro to their community. Danya teaches how make your community inclusive and keep people safe. And then she teaches these acro wisdom nuggets that can elevate people's practice immensely!

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