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Dean Frolicks

Ze/Hir/Hirs and They/Them/Theirs

New York City

What makes Dean an Acro SuperHero? 

Dean is an acro and Social Justice machine. Whether you meet someone who has a real-world understanding of what being underrepresented is like or an acro teacher who has struggled with that; whatever it may be, Dean has been there, felt that, and struggled through it. Bringing a distinct, multinational and cross-cultural worldview to yield in all parts of the daily and interpersonal Social Justice acro practice. Few others can personally call to the transition of existing between roles, both in acro and in life. A mid by practice and a machine by function of Art, Dean is an acro and social justice dream machine.


Dean's superpowers as an Acro Teacher:

One of the few multinational, multilingual, genderqueer certified acro instructors.


What type/style of Acro does Dean teach?

Beginner acro, queer and Trans acro.


Dean's current Acro offerings:

Privates, classes, queer and trans workshops, facilitating discussions at acro events.

What to expect from Dean's classes:

Consent oriented practice, mid focused practice, proper preparation for offered skills.


How does Dean incorporate social justice themes into hir Acro offerings?

Consent conversations, proper pronoun use, body, gender, skill inclusivity and awareness.


Dean's BIO:

A mid by practice and a machine by function of Art, Dean started hir acro journey as a flyer and quickly transitioned into a mid role in an effort to expand hir understanding and body awareness of the practice. Dean does not hail from a movement background and as such has a very personal understanding of what it means to come into the strength and embodiment of an acro practice over time. Dean is a certified yoga instructor who practices L basing and standings acro with a dual certification by the Superhero Circus Academy and AcroWarrior by Warrior Bridge, NYC.


Post-Course Project:

Dean co-hosted a dialogue at the #AcroCampNE hosted by @teamwilco.  Dean’s recap: “We talked about what makes a good community leader, how leaders who are supported by community members normalize bad behavior, how do we hold leaders and members accountable, how the patriarchy infiltrates our communities on a deep level.”


Instagram: @fluid_frolicker



  • Instagram - @fluid_frolicker
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