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Albuquerque NM / Lancaster PA

What makes Hala an Acro SuperHero? 

Hala aims to bridge communities. She found acro to be a movement offering play, freedom, strength, power, intimacy and love - she invites people to share a practice of co-creation rooted in connection, communication, and consent.

Hala's superpowers as an Acro Teacher:

Her powers include the warmth in welcoming people into spaces, booming positivity, acceptance and encouragement.

What type/style of Acro does Hala teach?

She loves to share funky flows and her passion for functional anatomy. She teaches beginners acro and L-basing.

Hala's current Acro offerings:

Occasionally or sometimes regularly offering classes and hosting jams.


What to expect from Hala's classes:

Warm-up games and partner / group activities working to prepare the body and practice consent, break down of movements or flows, spotting, often group and partner changes.

How does Hala incorporate social justice themes into their Acro offerings?

Expect conversations on consent and creating inclusive spaces, collaboration with groups or organizations, sharing pronouns at the beginning of class, freedom to explore the space as a flyer, mid and/or base no matter experience, size, shape, or gender.

Hala's BIO:

At age 16 Hala received her certification as a RYT-200 vinyasa yoga instructor, from there she fell into acro, and more recently, at her university, she’s taken up dance and began choreographing, fusing her different movement passions with a platform of social justice.

Post-Course Project:

Sought to unite her college campus in an acro workshop of gift-giving and co-creation midst a climate of racial and ethnic divide and injustice.


Instagram: @acronumnom



  • Facebook - HalaReeder
  • Instagram - @acronumnom
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