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Brett Schmidt



What makes Brett an Acro SuperHero? 

I love being upside down! I am happy to playfully fly, base, or spot if it means I am spending time with friends (new and old). The way I try to make decisions based on love rather than fear is what really makes me an Acro Superhero.


Brett's superpowers as an Acro Teacher:

My superpowers are:

  • my playful, energetic spirit

  • curiosity and dedication to lifelong learning

  • sense of humour

  • practice of empathy and active listening

  • passion for inclusivity and consent

  • ability to modify acro offerings to meet the needs of my students


What type/style of Acro does Brett teach?

All levels acro



Brett's current Acro offerings:

Weekly classes and jams, LGBTQ+ acro workshops, community discussions



What to expect from Brett's classes:

Students can expect a space held with emphasis on consent, communication, safety, and inclusivity. We will work together to create boundaries. Within our boundaries we can explore our silly, fun, and playful sides. Whatever your skill level, expect to be challenged.



How does Brett incorporate social justice themes into their Acro offerings?

I work really hard to create a space where people feel safe to learn, connect, explore, and create. I recently created a survey to explore how my home community practices consent, what beliefs and attitudes are in place, and how our community can improve. I am at a place in my life and my acro practice where I am ready to create change.


Brett's BIO:

I have been practicing acro since 2013. The community and the connections I have formed is what keeps me engaged and motivated to step up for my community. I am a Certified Superhero with a passion for community and connection, for building consent culture, and for bringing acro and social justice together. I pride myself on my ability to communicate and keep myself and the people around me safe. I bring a quirky sense of energy and inquisitiveness that can only come from being a Pediatric Occupational Therapist by day and amateur acrobat by evening. If I am awake, you can usually find me playing, either with the kids and families that I serve, or at acro. If you get my voicemail, it’s probably because I’m upside down. I am a playful, loving weirdo.



Instagram: @schmidt.brett



  • Instagram - @schmidt.brett
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