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Dovie Squires


Long Island NY

What makes Dovie an Acro SuperHero? 

I consider myself a shepherd of safety. I want to see consensual acro as cool, mainstream and normalized. Everyone has a right to feel safe and healthy in an acro space. My mission is to also support women in acro and women who have experienced trauma, who feel blocked and trapped by damaging belief systems, to abolish those belief systems and put new ones in place. I do this through consent-based, connection-based acro.


Dovie's superpowers as an Acro Teacher:

Holding space! This took me a long time to learn how to do because I was healing from my own past trauma experiences. Acro spaces can be intimidating! It’s important to me to be able to hold space where people can trust their own intuition and wisdom, reclaim their personal power, reconnect not only with their own bodies but with others, and at the same time, have fun, be silly and not take everything so seriously. Holding space is an art that I am humbly still learning.

What type/style of Acro does Dovie teach?

Trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive, connection and consent based acro. Everything else is acro chocolate frosting.

Dovie's current Acro offerings:

Currently, you can find me on Long Island (NY) consistently teaching weekly classes, and hosting monthly jams, socials, fun workshops and yummy group acropeutics. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Thai Yoga Practitioner, I also offer private bodywork sessions for those who train hard and play hard.


What to expect from Dovie's classes:

Compassion, communication and lots of play! I love creative, connection-based games that offer fun ways to learn how to create boundaries and explore safe touch.


How does Dovie incorporate social justice themes into their Acro offerings?

By fostering an environment of consent, respect and communication - how we talk to each other, the language we use, and to never assume anything!! Always ASK FIRST!


Dovie's BIO:

I’m not okay living a temporary-okay life. This is how I lived day in and day out until I found acro. Acro gave me my life back in one moment. A moment tattooed in my brain and forever ingrained in my soul. My first acro experience was shared with a kind, gentle and caring couple who took me under their wing. My armor softened, layers peeled away, and tears of happiness and relief rolled down my face. I felt, heard and sensed those words we crave for in acro “I got you.” I knew my life was forever changed. This feeling of safety is my acro dream for anyone who wants to try acro but is afraid to; for anyone who is in fear; and for anyone who has experienced past trauma. I am you. I hear you. I see you. I got you!


Post-Course Project:

For my final project, I facilitated a community conversation on “Safe Touch vs Unsafe Touch.” For questions or more information about my final project, feel free to reach out via email or social media.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become quiet about things that matter.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.


Instagram: @donadovie_shebird



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