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What makes Aiden an Acro SuperHero? 

I'm small and mighty and get to work with a lot of different sizes bases as a result. Working with many people with different strengths and abilities has allowed me to dial into myself as a flyer. I like challenging myself and my fears and I am passionate about self-improvement.


Aiden's superpowers as an Acro Teacher:

I am really attuned to people's needs and I am a master room surveyor. Students' reaction to the material and each other are just as important for me as the material itself.


What type/style of Acro does Aiden teach?

Beginner Acro, Hand to Hand, and Creative Flows are just some of the many things I enjoy teaching, but I vary what I teach in accordance to who I am teaching with.


Aiden's current Acro offerings:

I currently am teaching workshops and performing across western Canada.


What to expect from Aiden's classes:

I love to geek out about tiny adjustments and co-creation with your partner(s). While I have so many tips, I strongly believe in finding what works best for your individual partnerships and foster that in my classes.


How does Aiden incorporate social justice themes into their Acro offerings?

Fostering a safe and welcoming environment where everyone feels included is incredibly important for me. I model and encourage conversations about consent in my personal practice and when teaching. Physical and emotional safety are a top priority in my class. I also offer queer and trans acro workshops and start the majority of my classes with the sharing of preferred pronouns.


Aiden's BIO:

I have been coaching and teaching my entire life. I started assisting teaching Taekwon-do when I was only 7 and have been teaching a variety of things ever since. I used to teach belly dancing and toured around BC as a performer. I also currently teach and perform on a variety of aerial apparatuses.


I fell in love with Acro because of the connection and co-creation with a partner. I love doing huge new scary tricks but I get just as excited about helping someone base side star for the first time. I am passionate about coaching and self-improvement. I revel in the small triumphs of others and love helping people get over their fears and building their confidence.


Post-Course Project:

Aiden created the Instagram account @lgbtqacro, 'Queer and Trans Acro'.  The account is increasing the visibility of lgbtq+ people in Acro Yoga and features people from all over.  Want to be featured? Tag photos and videos with the hashtag: #lgbtqacro or DM the account on Instagram.



Instagram: @flyguy.circus



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