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Nikki Mahr


Sacramento, California

What makes Nikki an Acro SuperHero? 

Nikki is passionate about acro and her excitement is contagious. She loves to empower people around her to try new things in safe ways. She also cares about the acro community, and is dedicated to making it safe and accessible for everyone.

Nikki's super powers as an Acro Teacher:

Nikki is empathetic, allowing her to meet students where they are and identify with any fears, triggers, and student needs in order to create the best experience for all students. She is also very knowledgeable about spotting and progressions, creating a very safe experience for students to build foundations for a strong acro practice. Her body awareness and ability to explain moves in diverse ways help her find ways to help students find their "Aha" moments to master skills.

What type/style of Acro does Nikki teach?

L-basing, Standing, Therapeutics, Beginners acro classes.

Nikki's current Acro offerings:

Nikki offers all the things! Classes, privates, jams, promotional performances and athletic modeling.

What to expect from Nikki's classes:

Students can expect to build fundamental acro skills to begin/build their practice in a safe and fun environment. Spotting, consent, and fun connection with others will be emphasized in each class. .

How does Nikki incorporate social justice themes into their Acro offerings?

Social justice is important to Nikki, and bleeds in to all aspects of her life. As an acro instructor, she focuses on inclusion and accessibility. Her classes are often offered on a sliding pay scale, and she also offers scholarships for students who can't afford to pay. She encourages students to base, fly, or both based on their desire rather than size or gender. She has been empowered by the sport of acro and our community, and wants everyone who desires to join in! .

Nikki's BIO:

Nikki was a gymnast from a young age. During her career, she held multiple state and regional titles, and was a nationally-raked gymnast throughout her collegiate career. Her gymnastics experience gave her a strong background in spotting, progressions, and communication regarding movement. After college, she became a nurse and stayed active doing a variety of outside sports as well as Bikram Yoga. She also taught gymnastics and cheerleading, and is certified in BLS and first aid. These life experiences have given her the caring nature, badass athleticism and creative teaching style that allows her to connect with students to provide safe and exciting classes for students of all ages and abilities. 




  • Instagram - @TheInvertedNurse
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