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Kristen Krebs


Santa Cruz, California

What makes Kristen an Acro SuperHero? 

"I show up and am present for people. I'm cooperative and use my own strengths to help bring out other people's strengths."

Kristen's super powers as an Acro Teacher:

"I'm patient and positive. I'm always rooting for everyone."

What type/style of Acro does Kristen teach?

I teach classes for beginners.  I like to focus on inclusivity, accessibility, and fun.

Kristen's current Acro offerings:

Weekly classes, monthly workshops, and private classes.

What to expect from Kristen's classes:

If you want to try acro yoga but just don't think it's for you, I'd love to have you at one of my classes. I also teach privates if you would like to try it without the pressure of a whole class. I am based in Santa Cruz, CA and teaching classes and workshops throughout the county and Monterey.

How does Kristen incorporate social justice themes into their Acro offerings?

"I like to use and find new creative adaptations for people to help things work for them no matter their walk of life. I want everyone to participate to the best of their abilities."

What type of Acro does Kristen Teach? 

Kristen's BIO:

I started my acro yoga journey in Santa Cruz occasionally taking classes while I was working full time as a caregiver for people with disabilities. I loved it so much that I started attending regularly, helping with demos, and teaching friends and family. That's when I knew I wanted to make it official and become certified (and also that I was obsessed with acro ;)) I trained with the SuperHeroCircusAcademy because why not be a super hero while you do everything! Also the SuperHeroCircusAcademy has a focus on social justice which appealed to my caregiving background. I like to hold spaces for people that feel accessible, non-intimidating, and focus on fun. I like to work the basics and get creative. I think that everyone can get involved with acro yoga in some way or other and like to make sure that people who are interested get a chance to try it and see how much of a super hero they can be!

Kristen's Post Course Project:

For my post course project, I did three different things. I started with a series of interviews with people from the community who are under-represented in acro yoga. I wanted to see what I could do as teacher to make the classes work for them. How to create spaces that they would feel welcomed into and safe. Then I did a series of one on one private classes for people with disabilities who otherwise would have a difficult time in a regular class setting. My final piece was to combine the two and hold a brave spaces workshop for all people. I invited the people I had interviewed and the one person from the private class who was interested in a class setting at well. I also opened it up to the general public, advertised it at the diversity center, and held it at the resource center for non-violence to make it as inclusive as possible. Im looking forward to teaching more privates for those who request them and having more inclusive workshops.



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