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Kelowna/Vernon, British Columbia

What makes Nika an Acro SuperHero? 

I love acro and all that it brings with it – community, communication, trust, the list goes on – and I love sharing that with others. Basing, flying, and spotting, and I’m excited about all the roles involved in acro.


Nika's superpowers as an Acro Teacher:

Energy and enthusiasm, the experience of a dual role base and flyer, an in-depth understanding of anatomy, and expertise in breaking down moves into manageable pieces.


What type/style of Acro does Nika teach?

My background is in same size L-basing and I am drawn to machines that apply foundational skills to create new shapes and flows. As my personal practice moves and grows the style of acro that I teach moves and grows as well.


Nika's current Acro offerings:

Local workshops, teaching at festivals, and performing


What to expect from Nika's classes:

Students can expect fun and challenging classes with the underpinnings of safe practice and refinement of techniques.


How does Nika incorporate social justice themes into their Acro offerings?

My goal in the classes I offer is to create a space that allows people to notice where their boundaries are (in a physical sense and beyond that) and then choose to honor those boundaries or choose to challenge them. I want to create a space that celebrates small successes in which all people involved feel empowered and excited about what is happening.


Nika's BIO:

I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 16 and it was my yoga practice led me to acro in 2013. The approaches I've learned as yoga teacher and an occupational therapist are embedded in the way that I teach acro - for example incorporating mindful practice into acro or motor learning theory into acro. I have had the privilege of being a student of many talented and inspiring teachers (like Millissa Greenwood, Lesley Brown, and of course Danya Xena) before embarking on my own teaching journey. In all honesty I've never been the person who acro comes easily to, but the community and the challenge kept me coming back. Now as a teacher I'm grateful as that experience allows me to understand my students better and provide meaningful cueing.



Instagram: @acroface


  • Instagram - @acroface
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