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Selysa Love

She/Her/Hers and They/Them/Theirs

Sacramento, California

What makes Selysa an Acro SuperHero? 

Selysa believes in others and believes in herself. She loves to spot, base, and fly. Standing at a whopping 61 inches tall, other similar-size AcroYogis have often referred to her as "base-spiration." She is on a mission to permit each individual to choose which roles they would like to inhabit regardless of their size, shape, gender, etc.

Selysa's super powers as an Acro Teacher:

Selysa is playful and fun, yet feisty when it matters. She facilitates experiences where participants can unlearn taught-patterns and open up to the flow of creativity. Her modes range from upbeat to wisdom seeking to restorative, allowing her to offer a diversity of teachings. Selysa sets, shifts, and molds the energy in a room to be conducive to the theme of a class. She strives to create truly inclusive AcroYoga spaces, and is always learning more about how to do so.

What type/style of Acro does Selysa teach?

Creativity, funky balances and flows, pops, therapeutics, and beginners acro

Selysa's current Acro offerings:

In Sacramento Selysa teaches workshops including Queer AcroYoga, and Bodywork & Dessert. She runs local jams, teaches privates, and teaches at festivals.

What to expect from Selysa's classes:

Students can expect to feel respected, challenged, and uplifted by Selysa and the other participants there.

How does Selysa incorporate social justice themes into their Acro offerings?

Selysa doesn't make assumptions about what role anyone wants to fill, what their pronouns are, what their background is, or who they are. Every offering begins with names and pronouns, and she even co-teaches a recurring Queer AcroYoga Workshop. She has taught bilingual AcroYoga in English and Spanish. Students with a variety of physical abilities attend Selysa's classes, and she includes/modifies as needed throughout every demonstration and activity. Consent activities are a regularly practiced. She offers sliding scale entrances and full-scholarships to those who need it.

Selysa's BIO:

When Selysa was eighteen, she ran away to join the circus, in Peru. True story. Here she discovered AcroYoga: a powerful portal that she uses to spread Love into the world. She has spent thousands of hours training and has taught in India, Mexico, and across the USA. Selysa finds healing in connecting with others - she comes from a background in partner dance, reiki healing, and white water raft guiding. Her teachings are informed by her B.A. in education, international travels, yogic studies, and Acro & Social Justice Teacher Training.




  • Instagram - @SelysaLove
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